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Merrill's Investigations provides clients in Maine and across New England with specialists equipped to proactively reduce the risk of workplace violence and to come to the aid and protection of your employees and facilities should violence erupt. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries (CFOI), nearly 10% of all fatal workplace injuries in 2004 were homicides. As the third leading cause of fatal occupational injury in the United States, workplace violence is a serious health and safety issue that you simply cannot afford.

Merrill's private investigators specialize in identifying and resolving threats to the workplace before the situation escalates to violence.

Every day in Maine and across New England, countless employees are harassed, intimidated, threatened and verbally or physically attacked. In some cases these incidents result in serious injuries, expensive litigation or even death in the workplace. As the stresses of tough economic times increase in the workplace, the potential for violence also increases. Don't allow your company or your employees to be the victim of an attack by disgruntled employees, spouses or other people close to one of your employees. If you are facing layoffs, cutbacks, changes in compensation programs or other changes that may disrupt employee morale, consult with Merrill's first.

Most employers do not have the expertise, information and qualified professional staff to reduce or recognize the potential for a violent incident. Merrill’s Investigations strongly recommends that administrative investigations be conducted by a professional workplace violence investigator.

Merrill's conducts all investigations, assessments and violence reduction efforts in a fair and objective manner designed to be effective and considerate of the legal considerations of the employer and employee.


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