Facility Theft / Property Loss Investigation

Property loss investigation requires a thorough examination of available evidence to determine the cause of loss and those responsible. No company or organization in Maine or New England, small or large, is completely safe from the risks of workplace theft.

Merrills corporate theft investigation stops retail loss and shrinkage. Private investigators available in Maine and throughout New England.

For more than 20 years, Merrill's has provided property loss/theft investigation services for insurance companies, law firms, public agencies and private companies.

Theft and embezzlement by employees is costing American businesses in excess of  $50 billion annually and is growing by 17% per year. Every employer will experience theft in the workplace at one time or another. Very few employers will investigate theft due to the false perception that doing so is complex and expensive. In tough economic times, minimizing loss due to theft is more critical than ever.

Merrill's Investigations has the technical expertise needed by insurance carriers, business owners, and other interested parties to investigate losses. With Merrill's effective surveillance and comprehensive reporting and analysis, interested parties, in consultation with their attorneys, can make decisions about how best to deal with employees caught stealing.

Merrill's Investigations has the ability to immediately deploy investigators to a loss site to assess damage and to help secure and protect the site from further destruction and loss.


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Our mission is to provide our clients with timely, accurate intelligence that makes a difference.

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All investigations are performed with attention to discretion, objectivity and professionalism.

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