Detector Dog Services

Merrills Detector Dog Services is proud to secure businesses, facilities, corporate events and schools. Each of our K-9/handler teams has undergone months of training to achieve performance above the highest National Standards. If safety is paramount in your work environment, at your function, in your home or at your school and you want low-profile, confidential services, let Merrills Detector Dogs deploy a team to give you peace of mind. Merrills Detector Dog Handlers have extensive Law Enforcement, Security, and/or Private Investigative experience, giving them an advantage and expertise when handling your sensitive needs. Merrills K-9 Teams maintain a Nationally recognized Certification to ensure the most reliable Detector Dogs at your service.


All certifications and training records are available for your review upon request.

Bed Bug Detection

For Commercial and Residential settings

Our K-9 Detection Teams:

  • Are reliable, efficient, dependable and thorough.
  • K9’s can sniff areas humans cannot see - behind bed boards, floor boards, outlets etc.
  • Can find the larva that is not visible to the human eye.
  • Can perform preventative, proactive inspections as well as post treatment inspections.
  • Our handlers have experience in K9 detection work to include explosive, narcotic, and cadaver detection.


Bed Bugs are a sensitive issue and we at Merrill’s understand the impact it can have on your business. Unless requested by the client, we do not show up with decals, uniforms or any other thing that could draw attention to the job at hand. All inspections are done with confidentiality.

We are not exterminators:

Merrill’s Detector Teams only provide detection services. We are not exterminators and cannot eradicate the problem if one is present. This avoids any conflict of interest. Customers are welcome to follow us through our searches to inspect and understand our methodology, and to see our dogs in action.

Proactive Method of Eradication:

By performing routine checks for Bed Bugs, you are showing your customers, clients or tenants that you are proactive in the fight against bed bugs. People are more inclined to stay with you knowing that you are taking an aggressive approach against bed bug infestations.


Explosive and Narcotics Detection

For Businesses, Schools, Functions & Events

Our K-9 Detection Teams Provide

  • Discreet, Low Profile Service
  • Qualified, Experienced Dogs & Handlers
  • Rapid Deployment
  • Multiple Teams Available
  • Efficient & Flexible Service
  • Complete Confidentiality

Merrill's certified K-9 search teams consist of a highly-trained canine and handler and are supported by a comprehensive logistics support team on all missions.

Discreet and  Experienced

Merrills K-9’s are non-threatening, low  profile, and socialized for any work environment. Our K-9’s can perform comprehensive searches to ensure the safety of your employees or loved ones without hindering daily activities.

Flexible and Efficient

When you only require a specific area to be swept, Merrills can provide on-the-spot coverage, saving you the expense of an entire shift. We have rapid deployment and multiple teams available to meet your needs.

Comprehensive and Reliable

Vehicle checks, luggage detailing, packages, lockers, area searches, building perimeters and all modes of transportation are part of our day-in, day-out training to maintain our efficiency and reliability.


Search and Recovery


K-9 Search and Recovery

Search is an emergency! When a loved one goes missing you demand every available resource be mobilized to ensure their safe recovery. Merrill's L.E.T.S. Certified K-9 Teams have the unique strategic and tactical advantage of more than 450 years of combined hands-on experience in search incident command, search management and on-the-ground searching. Merrill's K-9 teams build on the best practices developed in the law enforcement sector and use state-of-the-art GPS tracking tools to ensure the effective and most efficient use of their canine resources. Merrill's K-9 teams arrive at a search assignment informed and equipped to achieve results. Merrill's reputation is unsurpassed.

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Our mission is to provide our clients with timely, accurate intelligence that makes a difference.

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All investigations are performed with attention to discretion, objectivity and professionalism.

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