About Merrill’s

Founded in 1986 by Retired Maine Game Warden Major Charles A, Merrill, Merrill's Investigation and Security has spent the past 37-years building our reputation as the best, most reliable, and easiest to work with investigation and security firm in the industry.

In 1999 the company added security and executive protection to its suite of services.

In 2004, after a ten-year affiliation with Merrill’s and 21 years in law enforcement, Michael C. Harrington Sr. acquired the company. He was joined by his son Michael C. Harrington, II who had been working for Merrill’s since 1998 in operating and growing the business. Under The Harrington’s leadership the company has grown exponentially and has developed into a regional powerhouse.

Our Promise: We have a simple promise to all of our clients; we stand behind our results.

Today, Merrill's is one of the largest providers of investigative and security services.

With a combined experience of more than 1,000 years, Merrill’s leads the industry in experience, expertise, and professionalism. Merrill’s resource depth makes them able to provide clients with one-stop shopping for investigative and security services across the northeast – something no other firm can match.

At Merrill’s the primary mission is to provide clients with timely, cost-effective, discreet, and professional investigations. In every case Merrill's provides accurate and professional written reports that describe events as they happened and, where possible, include videotaped, photographic and/or other recorded documentation.

All Merrill’s investigators are intimately familiar with the geography and culture of the region where they operate. Most have worked in many areas of those states during their careers in law enforcement and private investigation. Merrill’s has developed many contacts who serve as invaluable resources in gathering information to expedite client investigations. To put it simply, Merrill’s is a small, family owned and operated business with a national reach through their vast network.

our team

All Merrill’s affiliated investigators are licensed, insured, highly trained, and experienced in performing investigations. We only deploy experienced investigators who have been familiarized in Merrill’s processes. We are trained to perform under any circumstances; from the city streets of Boston, to the rural woods of Northern Maine.

Our team’s elite backgrounds include former members of:

U.S. Border Patrol, Drug Enforcement, State Police, State Game Wardens, Combat Military Forces, Crisis Negotiation, Tactical Teams, Private Security Companies, Dept. of Homeland Security, and County Sheriffs.

These roles are managed by the most reputable management team around. Leadership at Merrill’s Investigations & Security is built on a foundation of professionalism, respect, honesty, and integrity. Former roles of our management team include

Supervisors, Lieutenants,Detectives, Sergeants, Squad Leaders, Captains, Special Agents, and Commanders.

About Our Staff

  • Team Member 1
  • Team Member 8
  • Team Member 22
  • Team Member 31
  • Team Member 37
  • Team Member 41
  • Team Member 46
  • Team Member 50
  • 24 years in Law Enforcement
  • 16 years Chief of Police
  • Maine DEA – Commander northern region State of Maine
  • Supervisor - Bureau of Drug Enforcement
  • Lieutenant – Drug Investigation
  • Detective Sergeant – Criminal investigation
  • Patrolman – Traffic Enforcement and Criminal investigation
  • 27 years law enforcement
  • 10 years - Trooper
  • 12 years - Rural Patrol Sergeant
  • 2 years – Sergeant in Internal Affairs
  • High Risk Security Supervisor/Manager – 10 years
  • Advanced Executive / Dignitary Protection – Blackwater Worldwide
  • Advanced Interview / Interrogation – John E. Reid and Associates
  • Active Shooter Dynamics – ASIS
  • Threat / Risk Assessment & Management – Texas A&M / FEMA
  • Crime Scene Preservation – Compliance By Design
  • 9 years - Air Interdiction Officer / Criminal Investigator - U.S. Customs Service, Office of Aviation Operations
  • 5 years - Special Agent - U.S. Customs Service: Financial Investigations Group and Special Operations Group (drug smuggling)
  • 13.5 years - Special Agent - Dept. of Homeland Security, Homeland Security Investigations: Multi Investigative Categorizes and Computer Forensics
  • 30 years in Law Enforcement.
  • 1 year - Airport Police Officer
  • 5 years - Patrol Officer
  • 17 years - Detective
  • 7 years - Assistant to Chief, Manager of Sexual Assault Programs, Sexual Assault Investigator
  • 8 years - Trooper – Traffic Enforcement and Criminal Investigations
  • 16 years - Detective Grade Task Force and Negotiation Team
  • 4 years - Sergeant – Criminal Division Supervisor
  • 9 years - Patrol Officer - Traffic Enforcement,
  • 1 year - Sergeant - Patrol Supervisor
  • 1 year - CID / Under Cover Unit (Street Level Drugs, Prostitution, Special Operations)
  • 4 years - CID / Detective (Child Abuse, Elderly Exploitation, Property Crimes, Robbery, Homicide)
  • 3 years - Sergeant / Internal Affairs, Criminal Investigations, Complaint resolution & mediation, other personnel issues
  • 3 years - Captain - Law Enforcement Division Commander
  • 10 Years in US Army as Military Policeman. Licensed Professional Investigator - 5 years
  • 3 years - Staff Sergeant – Squad Leader, Tactical Convoy Commander, Personnel Security Detail
  • 2 years - Supervisor, Investigator, Traffic Accident Investigator, Physical/Protective Security Officer

Our Core

A foundation that is built on integrity and professionalism; combined with our tenacity to get the job done with solid results that we stand behind; guided by an experienced leadership team.

Our Mission

To provide our clients with timely and accurate intelligence that makes a difference. All our services are performed with integrity, fairness, professionalism, and excellence. We will always stand behind our results.


Our services

  • Investigations
  • Corporate
  • Specialized
  • Security

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