Merrill's “Special Services” Division is equipped and ready to provide clients with the edge they need to maintain operations in times of adversity. Whether dealing with a lost or missing person, serving papers to a hard-to-find subject, or consulting for a legal proceeding, Merrill’s has the expertise and resources to exceed your expectations.


Merrill's extends its investigative, search and forensic evidence collection expertise to attorneys and law firms preparing for trial. For years, Maine and New England's most prominent law firms have turned to Merrill's Investigations to gain an edge in the court room.

Merrill's Investigations and Security Services offers Litigation Support Services across Readfield, Maine

Information is a strategic asset; the litigation support services provided by Merrill's Investigations can make the difference between winning and losing. When money, reputations and futures are on the line, call Merrill's.

Merrill's has a network of experienced investigators with decades of experience and relationships to help get the job done. Our footprint in New England often enables us to get a key interview conducted in less time than it would take for your current investigator to travel to the interviewee's location.

Services include:

  • Witness interviews
  • "Trial ready" reports for use in any proceeding
  • Preparation of exhibits for courtroom/arbitration use
  • Trial strategy consultation
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Accident investigations
  • Physical security surveys
  • Juror integrity
Search Management Team thoroughly understands and applies the science of conducting effective searches

Merrill's Search Management Team has more missing persons search, recovery, evidence preservation and crime scene location experience than the lead investigative agencies of most states. Most Law enforcement agencies will never conduct enough searches to become truly proficient at managing their intricacies.

Search management is a science developed and honed by the members of Merrill's Search Management Team. Building on their decades of experience working for and with the Maine Warden Service, the Merrill's Search Management Team knows what it takes to conduct a successful search. The Team's experience with handling data, modeling human behaviors, strategic planning, resource management, motivating and supporting individuals, and finding lost and missing persons makes Merrill's the number one private sector search resource in the country.

Maine is one of only four states in the nation where the law
provides for only one state agency to be responsible for all search and rescue activities within that state. The Merrill's team spent years honing the art of search management before bringing their skills to the private sector. Whether leading a search or collaborating with law enforcement, the Merrill's team has the resources to do the job right. Personnel include forensic scientists, criminal psychologists, investigators, dog handlers, experienced incident commanders, search managers and mapping specialists.

When the trail is turning cold, the Merrill's team can collaborate with federal, state and local law enforcement agencies to review past search activities and use science to determine new search strategies and techniques and comprehensive turn-key solutions. Our team members are nationally acclaimed and accredited; they have numerous searches to their credit.

The Merrill's Search Management Team thoroughly understands and applies the science of conducting effective searches. Its members have made substantial contributions to the development of modern search techniques and continue to refine and perfect the science.

Contact Us to discuss your search management challenge and how the Merrill's Search Management Team can lead or support your effort.


The most successful searches begin well in advance of a request for services.   Our network of investigators and specialty search resources has received the best training available.  When they are not actively participating in a search, the team members are preparing for the next search by attending classes and seminars on the latest techniques and technologies.   The Merrill's Search Management Team brings the best prepared resources to the search...Every Time!

Scientific searches require quality data and quality inputs. Use of internal and external resources is maximized with the focus on detail, and with the goals of efficiency and accuracy constantly in mind. Victim profiles, suspect profiles and incident reports are carefully created, analyzed and documented.

Every search is assigned an incident commander who selects a team, assigns tasks and leads the team through each phase of the search. Technology options are reviewed and selected and every K-9 is fitted with a GPS tracking device that logs its exact search path.  Budgets are managed and a timeline is created to ensure that every opportunity for success is exploited, coordinated and well documented.

Equipment, supplies, communications stations and travel arrangements are just a few of the areas where extensive preparations are made. Supported by home-office staff and an advance team sent to the search site early, every opportunity for success is considered. Merrill's knows the importance of being prepared.

Conducting a Search
The execution of a search is where the true skills of proper management are revealed. All Merrill's teams are trained to take careful steps to avoid the inadvertent destruction of sensitive crime scene evidence when a victim is found. Crime scene preservation is a critical, yet often overlooked, component of providing successful closure in most search cases.

Every detail of a search is exhaustively documented including the exact GPS tracks from every K-9 team involved in the search. Video, photos, maps, logs, samples, evidence and all other relevant data is supplied. With the measure of success often being subjective and not always immediate, documentation is crucial.  A comprehensive report is provided to support any future legal proceedings or search activities.

Our Private Investigators will meet your deadlines and execute the paper service safely and efficiently

If you are having a hard time locating a subject to serve papers, Merrill's team can help! We use state-of-the-art technology to track down and locate the subject. You can rest assured that Merrill's will meet your deadlines and execute the paper service safely and efficiently.


They clearly take their positions seriously and listen to our concerns and offer solid advice.