• Merrill's Investigations And Security Services

Merrill's security and personal protection specialists routinely serve corporate executives, celebrities, government leaders, and other high-profile individuals who find themselves in situations that require a high degree of personal protection.

To ensure Merrill's clients' needs are met as effectively as possible, every security assignment adheres to a proprietary process based on best practices observed and tested over several decades of hands-on experience.

The Merrill's Process begins with Threat Assessment

The protection process starts with a comprehensive interview of the subject to be protected and his or her family or organization. Every detail of an existing or potential threat is considered and a preliminary evaluation assessment is made.

Personal Protection Specialists routinely serve celebrities, government leaders and high-profile individuals

Site Evaluation
Whether the protected subject is in an urban or rural setting, in a familiar or unfamiliar location, on the move or stationary, every situation receives a thorough evaluation. Assignments with adequate advance time typically receive 1 to 2 days of detailed planning, analysis and investigation. Buildings, transportation systems (vehicles, roadways, airports, etc.) and accommodations are researched, checked and documented.

Advance Planning
Once all relevant data has been collected by the advance and research teams, a thoughtful plan, with broad contingencies, is crafted. The plan is documented and all involved parties are briefed to ensure the ability to react appropriately to changes in circumstances or to threats. Merrill's specialists have the natural and trained instincts to make good decisions under the stress of rapidly evolving security situations.

Risk Management
Merrill's policy is to remove protected individuals from any identified threat or hazard before the threat becomes dangerous to his or her well being. Decades of real-world experience have proven the effectiveness of this strategy.

The deployment and use of state-of-the-art communications, surveillance and protective equipment is standard on all assignments. When special circumstances demand specialty equipment, Merrill's delivers.

Presence and Discretion
At Merrill's we understand every situation demands a unique approach to deliver effective security. This includes the ability to operate in a range of settings, both overtly and covertly. Merrill's specialists are as comfortable at golf outings, ski resorts and private estates as they are at formal occasions with diplomatic personal or at political rallies. Consideration is always given to the client's personal preferences and special requests, but Merrill's will not shy away from confronting any special request that may jeopardize the safety of the mission.

In Action
Merrill's clients enjoy conducting their business, travel, family retreats and recreation with the comfort, confidence and security they deserve.  If the personal security of you, your clients, or your family is threatened, you need Merrill's.  Contact us today for your FREE consultation.