• Merrill's Investigations And Security Services

Merrill's is experienced in providing security and protection services for individuals and facilities in times of great stress. In your home, at a press conference or at an overseas meeting, Merrill's personnel are trained to make sure you and your family are safe and insulated from attempted invasions of privacy, threats of violence, harassment or other targeted acts of terror.

The loss of critical personnel, facilities, and equipment can be catastrophic for any company or organization. Similarly, an attack on one's personal property, a violation of one's privacy or the threat of the same can be incredibly unsettling.

Experienced in providing Security and Protection Services for individuals and facilities in times of high risk

When it is time to make sure your family or your company's most important assets are protected, Merrill's is here for you. High risk security services offered by Merrill's Investigations and Security make us a proven leader in intrusion prevention and security risk management.

Merrill's Investigation's staff is highly trained, motivated and organized. Each has a strong dedication to his or her assigned work and is equipped with the latest in equipment and training. High-ranking government leaders, A-list celebrities and corporate leaders have all relied on Merrill's, and you can too.