Insurance Client

  • Merrill's Investigations And Security Services

I personally have been utilizing Merrill’s services for nearly two decades and have found the services, partnership, and dedication to duty second to none. My opinion is not only based on the personal experience as a claims handler, but for the overall results I’ve seen as the director of claims and ancillary services which includes SIU and Fraud deterrence programs. I can affirm the outcomes from Merrill’s files meet or exceed all our other SIU vendor results. Whether Merrill’s is responding within 24 hours notice for a weekend assignment hundreds of miles away, or a local collaborative effort with our in-house SIU team Merrill’s never hesitates to jump on an opportunity to get results.

It is not only investigative outcomes that matter most, the quality and personal style from Merrill combined with the service is what I consider the “added value” over and above the expected surveillance operations. In these times that type of quality is hard to find given the tight budgets, high turnover and even higher demands. Mike and his team understand the importance of the business partnership just as much as they understand the importance of fraud deterrence and detection and that is what sets them apart from the rest.