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  • Merrill's Investigations And Security Services

I have worked with Merrill's Investigations on a number of cases over the past several years, I have consistently been impressed with the work that they do not only in terms of its accuracy but also its timeliness and professionalism. I hire investigators at Merrill's Investigations because I know they are going to do excellent work in a highly professional fashion.

I have also had the experience of working on cases where Merrill's Investigations was on the other side of the case. I have to say that this put me at a significant disadvantage, and it was clear to me that they were very responsive and squared away when it came to the other attorney's case and all the work that had to be done.

Finally, Merrill's Investigations' commitment to excellence in private investigation is evident through the work that Michael has done at the Maine Legislature over the past several years. Mike's work in connection with a comprehensive private investigator licensing bill was extensive and showed throughout the process that Mike was someone who cared deeply about making sure that people who hire private investigators get the service and top work that they deserve. Mike was a trusted, honest, and solid advocate for professionalism in private investigations.