Government Client

  • Merrill's Investigations And Security Services

I have been intimately familiar with Merrill's Investigations & Security Services for a number of years, particularly since the company has been under the management and supervision of Michael. I have known Michael for several years.

I have nothing but praise and admiration for Merrill's Investigations & Security Services. Indeed, in my view and from my perspective as someone in law enforcement in Maine for the past 42 years, Merrill's is the premier private investigative and security agency in the State. The company has a stellar reputation for credibility and professionalism. Much of this is a direct reflection of Michael, but it is also a reflection of the diversity of the skilled investigators and other professionals who work for the company. I have never had an interaction with anyone associated with Merrill's that was not entirely professional and in keeping with the highest ideals of the industry.

I am oftentimes called upon by units of government and private entities to recommend a company skilled in investigations of all sorts, as well as security services, and I've never hesitated in any instance or circumstance to recommend Merrill's. The company and its personnel are highly qualified, skilled, trustworthy, and reliable.