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  • Merrill's Investigations And Security Services

I have known Michael for over 20 years and worked with Merrill’s Investigations for the last 16 years. I retired from the State Police and was hired as the Security Specialist for my company. Before this position was created the company was utilizing the services of Merrill’s Investigations and I still look to them today for their expert advice and assistance.

Merrill’s Investigations has been involved in several of our high-profile felony cases. Because of their experience and expertise these cases were successfully adjudicated in court and our company received a high percentage of the restitution that was requested.

During my last few years with the State Police, I worked with Merrill’s Investigations and the Maine State Legislature on some very sensitive legislative issues. Their professionalism was at the forefront for many of these issues and the various committees looked to Merrill’s for their expert opinion on more than one occasion.

This position with my company has been very challenging. I have found Merrill’s to be very accessible and I value their experience and professional opinions when I am working cases that require their assistance.

I believe you will not find a more experienced, professional organization to fill your security needs.