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Workers' Compensation and Medical Provider fraud are significant contributors to the nation's $30 billion dollar insurance fraud epidemic. Insurance companies pick up the tab, passing the cost on to policyholders, taxpayers and the general public.  Merrill's Investigations gives employers and insurers the tools they need to ensure they are only paying legitimate claims.

The United States Supreme Court has concluded that video surveillance is an acceptable means of investigating workers’ compensation injury claims. These surveillance results can be used as evidence in court. Findings from video surveillance give an objective view of a person's physical capabilities and daily activities as related to his or her claim of workplace injury. The evidence obtained becomes a solid, effective negotiating tool when an individual's alleged injury is contradicted by videotaped evidence.

All of Merrill's investigators are familiar with Maine's Workers' Compensation Act as it relates to investigation procedures. All investigations are conducted within the law to avoid claims resulting from entrapment, invasion of privacy, misrepresentation and trespassing.

Private Investigator specializes in workers' compensation fraud using video surveillance technology

Merrill's Investigations utilizes cutting edge technology to conduct workers' compensation fraud surveillance for our clients. Merrill's Investigations and Security, LLC is a licensed and insured investigative agency specializing in workers' compensation fraud using the latest in video surveillance technology.