• Merrill's Investigations And Security Services

Merrill's Investigations works with and coordinates the professionals involved during the fire scene investigative process. If you are an insurer with a fire-related loss in Northern New England, Merrill's Investigations provides the most comprehensive set of resources available to perform fire scene investigations and insurance fraud assessment.

Merrill's arson investigators use a systematic approach when inspecting instances of suspected arson. New facts and data often become available for analysis when Merrill's discovers evidence and data overlooked during the preliminary investigation. A conviction for arson requires conclusive physical evidence and/or compelling circumstantial evidence.

Investigators work and coordinate with the professionals involved during the fire scene investigative process

Merrill's Investigations understands that both types are extremely

important and uses its law enforcement experience to preserve the admissibility of evidence when circumstances permit.

Forensic arson and explosion investigation is a field made up of many highly trained professionals, such as police arson and bomb squads, firefighters and fire marshals, safety professionals, insurance and private investigators, forensic chemists and other criminalists, civil, electrical, and mechanical engineers. Merrill's has managed cases using each of these specialty resources and knows how to leverage their unique individual skills to piece together the whole case.

Further, because arsonists often return to the scene of the crime, property owners and insurers can benefit by putting Merrill's Investigations surveillance experts on the case. Using a combination of human and electronic intelligence gathering techniques, the Merrill's team has a demonstrated track record of using surveillance to solve complex property crimes.