• Merrill's Investigations And Security Services

Police departments take information, but they do not have the resources to perform a thorough investigation for every "routine" accident. This may be fine for everyone else, but when it is your accident there is nothing "routine" about it.

Our Accident Investigation Specialists will locate and interview potential witnesses and evaluate police reports

You may be injured, or you may be the target of a lawsuit due to other injuries. You may be an insurance company trying to get to the bottom of what really happened. Merrill’s Investigations is here to help.

Merrill's accident investigation specialists will locate and interview potential witnesses, assess the veracity of their statements, and provide an opinion on how each may perform as a witness in court. Our investigators will evaluate police reports for accuracy and thoroughness. They will examine the scene to ensure all of the evidence was identified and recorded.

Time is of the essence, so contact Merrill's as soon as possible. Our experience reveals that witness memories fade almost as quickly as physical evidence at the crash scene. You need accurate information and an experienced investigator when your case is to be litigated. Merrill's can help you get it right.

All services that we provide are court-ready. We are fully qualified to consult and testify at civil proceedings in Federal, State and Tribal Courts.

Our fully qualified investigators are equipped with state-of-the-art tools and are trained to carry out all aspects of Accident Investigation:

  • Comprehensive reconstruction reporting
  • Tire mark speed calculations
  • Critical speed mark calculations
  • Sight lines
  • Reaction times
  • Braking and stopping distances
  • Scene examination
  • Appraisal of presented evidence
  • Digital and printed photographs
  • Video photography
  • Scale plan
  • Witness location and interviews